About Us

Hands of Hope Fresh Foods Bank is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in 2017. We continue to offer the freshest donated foods from local suppliers for a low-cost Shared Maintenance Fee*

We operate a farmer’s market-style food bank and “Fresh” is what we’re all about!

We strive to present a variety of fresh foods—this is what makes us different! Equipped with a shopping cart, participants go through a line of different food stations where they can choose a certain number of items at each station.

Items include: Fresh breads, pastries, fresh fruits and vegetables, deli, pantry items, meats and dairy products. On occasion there are other specialty items, too. Every week is different based on the number and types of donations we receive.

Our wonderful food donation partners supply us with the freshest surplus of products, hard-to-move inventory, close-dated products, and items that are wholesome but can’t be sold. We rely on food donations from food manufacturers, grocers, wholesalers, businesses and individuals to supply our food inventory and enhance our fresh foods offerings.

Order A Box for Delivery: We also have an extended service delivery area—to Fallon, Silver Springs and Yerington—where participants can order boxes for delivery each week.

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