Hands of Hope Fresh Foods Bank is located at 2360 Valley Rd. in Reno. (Set back from Valley along Stillwell).

New for 2017  Our new location at 2360 Valley Road in Reno, Nevada. This is our main facility, approximately 8,000 sq. ft. of floor space.

Parking  is available in front of, and to the side of the building for participants during their visit.

Equipment  We have large walk-in refrigerators and freezers for food storage, dry storage areas, and several reach-in refrigerators on the floor for use during Tuesday and Saturday food bank operation days, and during box preparation times.

Shopping carts are available to assist participants to their vehicles, but should remain on the property.

Box/Carton  Each participant receives a box or carton to fill and to take their foods home in. Bags are available when we have them but it is very helpful to bring your own whenever you can.

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