HOH Box Delivery Program—Rural Community Outreach

Order a Box for Delivery Program:



Hands of Hope Fresh Foods Bank has been making weekly deliveries of Fresh Foods to families in outlying regions of Reno/Sparks since July of 2010. After a brief suspension due to our move, we are happy to announce that we have resumed the Order A Box for Delivery program!

Please call Jeannie (775)217-4947, or Anthony at (775)217-6111

Place orders—before 1:30 p.m. Wednesdays:

Delivery time—5–7 p.m. Thursdays
Delivery Location—Faith Baptist Church–Back Gym
(Fir or Green to Elm, large tan bldg.)
5715 Elm St., Silver Springs, NV

Overview  This program is open to everyone—for all those in need of food, and those looking to stretch their food dollars. Each box contains SIX different food groups of fresh and close-dated food items: Breads, sweets/pastries/desserts, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, protein (i.e. eggs, meat or cheese), milk/drinks. Product varieties are dependent on the donations that we receive in the preceding two days. Each week is different. Fresh is what we're all about!

Funding of Operations  This program is supported by participants through a $10 Shared Maintenance Fee* (SMF) per family, collected for each visit. This pays for the operational costs. We receive no government funding of any type for this program—it is strictly supported by the participants and the community.

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