Operation Feed Back

Welcome Veterans, Active Duty, and First Responders

Every Tuesday afternoon, from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m., join us for a special fresh foods bank: Operation Feed Back, where anyone who is currently serving, or who has served and received an honorable discharged is eligible—Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, Guard and Reserve. Also, all first responders in our communities are welcome. If you or someone in your immediate family qualifies, simply show a DD214, VA card, or identification card and we’ll get you signed up.

Cost: The cost for a trip through our farmer’s market style food bank is a $10 Shared Maintenance Fee*. This is only to cover the cost of our overhead and vehicle maintenance. We operate a 24-foot refrigerated truck, critical to the safe pick-up and transport of all of the fresh foods. We also have two panel vans that we use for pick-up and transport of donated items.

We are participant and community funded: All foods are donated by local grocers, food manufacturers, businesses, food distribution companies, and growers. Operation Feed Back receives NO government funding. We are a community supported and funded entity. We welcome all donations to help us in our mission to feed veterans and their families. A $10 donation feeds a family of up to six for one week by providing them with a shopping cart full of fresh foods—including breads, pastries and sweets, fresh fruits and vegetables, deli items, pantry items, specialty offerings, dairy and meats.
FAQWhat happens if I don’t have the $10 Shared Maintenance Fee*?
1) Other veterans in line often help with funds
2) There may be donation vouchers available
3) If none of the above are available, a prepared Box of Basics (breads, milk, a vegetable and fruits, and any other items that we have in abundance) will be provided to the veteran participant

Operation Feed Back Fresh Foods Bank is a non-religious public charity working with individuals and the community to help move people forward.


The History of Operation Feed Back

Operation Feed Back started as an addition to the weekly food offerings that Hands of Hope (HOH) had been providing to the community. Supporting veterans, active duty, and first responders became a mission of HOH staff, who had immediate family that were in need.
Paul, one of the founders of HOH, had a son who joined the Marines in the fall of 2007 and went through Boot Camp at MCRD in San Diego. Sami, another HOH volunteer’s grandson also joined at the same time, and was in the same Battalion at MCRD. After these two started talking to recruits and new Marines, it was apparent that some had joined to provide for their families. During this time, the economic hardships had caused struggles and even though they were becoming Marines their families were struggling to sustain themselves.

Many of our Tuesday volunteers are past and present military personnel and/or their families are. We thank them for their service and continued volunteerism for Operation Feed Back.


VA Information | Advice from our Vets on dealing with the VA

A large number of our participant veterans visit the VA on a regular basis. They have experience and knowledge about the VA, and how to optimize the care that Vets can get there. This networking opportunities is available to our participants on Tuesdays, as many come a little early to associate and consort with one another. It has become quite the meeting place.

Homeless Veterans

It’s an unfortunate truth, but many of our veterans are homeless and struggling in our community. Many do not have facilities to store and prepare foods that we distribute. We do reach out to the homeless veterans, directly, with our surpluses, and through other local programs that we donate a variety of foods to.


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